At the left is the grave marker of Susanna Thomas Miller, the wife of Isaac Miller. She is buried in the Cemetery of Sewickley United Presbyterian Church in Sewickley Co. PA.  This Church is otherwise known as "Dick's" Cemetery because there are many "Dick" family graves there. "Dick" is the last name of a former minister of the church which was established in 1772.


 Beside Susanna's stone is a Revolutionary War ► Memorial flag to signify that her husband, Isaac Miller, is a war veteran buried there.  He did not die in that war but came home to marry and father many children.  He was the first born son of Robert Miller and farmed his fathers' land and administered his father's estate.  Robert's land was only about 1 mile "as the crow flies" from the church and cemetery.

Isaac Robert Miller II is killed (before age 50) in 1775 by Indians and left his family without a will. The new nation soon entered its War of Independence after his death.


After the war, Pennsylvania still was embroiled in establishing a new state carved out of a wilderness, a quickly growing population, continuing conflict with Indians, forming authoritative county governments and boundaries, and much more.

The Miller Family

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On February 6, 1776 a Westmoreland County "Orphan's Court" was held at the home of Robert Hanna in Hannastown, PA. Robert Hanna is named as one of four Justices of the Court. This court names the guardians of 9 of the children and their estates. Isaac is not named and is considered at age 26 the administrator of the estate along with his widowed mother, Agnes.

I began my search for our Miller ancestors In Pennsylvania last spring in the two western counties of Westmoreland and Butler. I was following a slim lead passed on to all of us from a 1983 recorded interview with my father's brother, Ernest Lyle Miller.  When Lyle was asked where did the Miller family originally come from, Lyle replied, "Butler County, Pennsylvania. I don't know, and that's as far as I know.  I sure would like to know....."  When we, my husband Greg and I, arrived in Butler County, and began my search in the Genealogical section of the public library in Butler, the county seat, I was flabbergasted to find that there were Millers everywhere.  They peppered every township in that county.  Also, the Millers were, as you will see, a prolific bunch which made it even more difficult to locate our particular ancestors. ◄ At the left is a photo taken of my uncle, E. Lyle Miller in 1987.                      NEW INFORMATION ABOUT THE MILLERS AS OF 2015                 Early in 2015 I received Gmail messages from a person who presented much credible information about her Miller relatives who seemed to fill in many gaps in our Miller ancestry. Her name is Lacey Miller Biggs.  She had seen my website online regarding our Millers and wished to share what data she had collected over the years about her Millers, with the help of other relation on her side of the fence, so to speak.

Suzanna Miller gravestone

I felt I was at last possibly on the track of solving the mystery of who our Millers were before 1750 when I read that Lacey's last name is the same as the Biggs name who became part of the Miller ancestry when Jane Miller (daughter of Isaac Robert Miller, Jr. and Agnes "Nancy" Carswell) married a Robert Biggs, a Revolutionary War Veteran.  After consulting with my fellow Miller researcher Robert Rodgers Phillips (and "Genealogist", if I may) of many years, it was a joint decision that most, if not all of the new information provided by Lacey Miller Biggs should be incorporated into our own family trees and history.  All new information from Lacey Miller Biggs will be in this blue colored type on this page.

Descendants of Robert Isaac Miller, Sr.


Generation No. 1


1.   ISSAC ROBERT MILLER, Sr. was born 27 Jan 1690 in Ayr, Ayrshire Scotland.    Up until now our Miller generations before ISAAC Robert Miller Jr.  (below) our Miller ancestry was somewhat "squishy".  We now know what his parents and siblings names were for sure. Issac Robert Miller Sr's.  Father's name was John Miller b. 1667, d.1757 and his mother was Elizabeth "Bessie" Whyllie or Whylie b.1665 and d. 1699.  Former researchers related to Robert Rodgers Phillips had strong convictions that Robert Jr's. father was named "Isaac" because Robert names his first born son "Isaac" as did his brother Samuel. Once the "family" immigrated to New Jersey in the 1750s and until they reached western Pennsylvania, these Millers stayed close to one another as they moved to different locations and until later generations diversified, they lived close to one another.  They probably clustered together for safety in the dangerous and untamed frontier and were bound together by their religious faith and similar heritage.  There is another Miller mentioned on historical PA. land records that may be a brother or uncle.  His name is GIDEON MILLER Read here what is known about Gideon


Children of ISAAC ROBERT MILLER, SR. and MARY ALEXANDER are:  Much more can be seen here about Isaac Robert Miller Sr. and Mary Alexander Miller

     i.     ISAAC ROBERT MILLER, JR., b. 1723, Wycomico Hundred, Somerset Co. Maryland; died in Oct. 1775, (before Oct 7th), on land he owned next to Big Sewickley Creek, (now Sewickley Twp.), Westmoreland Co., PA.   Read here a detailed history of Isaac Robert Miller, Jr. and his descendents as researched and written by Robert Rodgers Phillips who is a descendent of Robert Miller's son, Isaac.

     ii.    Captain SAMUEL MILLER (Believed to be Robert's brother) , b. Bet. 1720 -1730; m. JANE Luckey

(Find here new information about the Luckeys) Samuel Miller held the rank of Captain in the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment serving under Col. Daniel Broadhead. Capt. Miller's regiment was ambushed by Indians near Fort Hand and he was killed in action on July 7, 1778.  Sometime after that event and before 1882 and the destruction of of Hannastown, Samuel's widow, Jane, who had been left with four children, married Andrew Cruikshank who had served under her husband. Read here about the Cruikshanks/Crookshanks  and more about Samuel Miller. Since 1.) Samuel Miller was the founder of 2.) Miller's Blockhouse and the history of that place and that of 3.) Hannastown are closely entwined, I have decided to combine all three stories here. (It's the stuff of an epic novel)

Generation No. 2

 2.   Isaac ROBERT MILLER JR. (ISAAC Robert Miller,SR.1).  He married AGNES CARSWELL Abt. 1750 in Scotland.  She was born 1730 in Scotland, and died 1791 in Huntington, Westmoreland Co., PA.

      Children of Issac ROBERT MILLER Jr. and AGNES are:

      i.      ISAAC C. (Carswell) MILLER, Issac ROBERT MILLER, Jr.2, (ISAAC Robert Miller,SR.1 was born about 1750 in Scotland or Ireland, and

            died 13 Apr 1799.  in Sewickley Twp., buried at Sewickley Presbyterian Church.  He married (1) UNKNOWN NAME Abt. 1778.  He married (2)

SUSANNAH THOMAS Abt. 1783 in Sewickley Township, Westmoreland Co., PA.  She was born 1748, and died 10 Jan 1821 in Sewickley Twp., buried at Sewickley Presbyterian Church.

            For the rest of Robert Miller's children, see BELOW.    

Children of ISSAC C. MILLER and his first wife whose name is UNKNOWN are: 

1.    ROBERT MILLER, b. 1779.

2.    ISAAC MILLER, b. 1781.

On February 1, 1780, another Orphan's Court is held in Hannastown, PA in the home of Robert Orr.  Robert Hanna is not mentioned.  By order of this court, £245.7.5 (English pounds, shillings and pence) are distributed to Agnes Miller, the widow, and to the 10 children of Robert Miller.  This, after court expenses of £10.10.0 are paid. Agnes receives £81.8.1/2, Isaac receives £28.17.10 and all the rest receive £14.8.11. This may have been after a sale of property or goods from the estate of Robert Miller.  As an aside:  Two years later on July 13, 1782, in one of the final actions of the American Revolutionary War, the Hannastown settlement was completely destroyed, except for the fort and blockhouse, by British-allied American Indians led by Guyasuta, a leader of the Seneca Indian tribe. The county government was moved to Newtown, which later became known as Greensburg.  ◄ To the left is a portrait of Guyasuta by an unknown artist.           See here more historic info about Guyasuta

What you see on this page of the Miller section of my website is the first five Miller generations that I have been able to locate. I first list Isaac Miller, a possible Miller ancestor who was born (estimated) about 1700 in Ayrshire, Scotland.  His son Robert, can definitely be called a verified ancestor. When I talked to my father, Lee Merle Miller, about his heritage he always said he/we were descendents of "Pennsylvania Dutch/Deutsch". Because of that memory, the name Miller in my mind was more a German name (perhaps a variant of Mueller) than a Scottish name. However, the dictionary defines Miller as an English or Scottish name which began from the Northern Middle English occupational name for a "miller". The Pennsylvania Dutch/Deutsch people are the descendants of German immigrants who came to Pennsylvania prior to 1800 and were of various religious affiliations, most of them Lutheran or Reformed, but many Anabaptists as well. Dad's grandmother's maiden name was Hover, a Dutch name for sure, and Dad may have heard the "Pennsylvania Dutch" side of the family from her. She was still alive when Dad and his siblings were children and teens.  Our line of Millers did live out their lives in Pennsylvania amongst  "Pennsylvania Dutch" neighbors but they began as strictly Reformed Presbyterians from Scotland.

Children of JANE MILLER and ROBERT BIGGS are:

1.   JOHN BIGGS, b. 19 Nov 1779, Westmoreland Co., PA, d. 23 Jan 1846 Clark Co., Ind. Buried at Union Cemetery, Henryville, Ind. m. Jane Mary Collings on 27 Feb 1802 Scott Co., Ind.  She was b. 9 Oct  1784 in KY.  John Biggs and Mary were found on an 1840 Clark Co., census that lists them under appropriate ages in keeping with their known birthdates. Jane died 25 Aug 1844. They had 10 children, the last on born in 1823.  See here the story of Jane's escape from the "Pigeon Roost Massacre in 1812." Interestingly, Jane Collings has an older brother named "Kearns" Collings. I regard this as a further connection between the Miller/ Biggs/Cairns families who lived in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Indiana

2.    ANDREW BIGGS, b. 28 Mar 1782, Westmoreland Co., PA, d. 7 Feb 1863, Clay Co., Ind.  m. (1) Elizabeth Crist on 04 NOV 1802 in Shelby, Kentucky, b. 20 JUN 1784, Shelby, Kentucky, d. 19 Sep 1847; They had 9 children.  m. (2) Catherine  Crist, b. 12 Nov 1794, d. 1873.  Besides the Marriage Record between Andrew and Elizabeth Crist in 1802, I could find no further "official records" of Andrew and his wives. 

3.    WILLIAM MILLER BIGGS, b. 16 May 1783, Westmoreland Co., PA; d. 18 Oct 1867, Harrison, Indiana.

4.    ROBERT BIGGS, JR., b. 02 Oct 1785, Tenn.; d. 10 Oct 1867, Harrison, Ind.  Buried at Rogers Campground, Harrison Co., Ind. m. Rebecca Sands in 1808.  They have 9 children born between 1809 and 1831. Rebecca was born 23 Dec 1790 in Nelson Co., KY and dies 28 Mar 1859 and is buried at Musselman Cemetery in Harrison, Indiana.  He marries a (2) Elizabeth (musselman?) Sands, the widow of Dorcy Sands, perhaps Rebecca's brother. Dorcy (or "Darcy") dies sometime between 1850 and 1860. Robert and Elizabeth, "newlyweds", are found on 1860 Harrison Co., Indiana census record along with 4 Sands children aged 10-17.

5.    Jane Ann or Melinda Jane BIGGS, b. 25 Apr 1787, Tenn.; d. 22 Mar 1841, Clay Co. Indiana; m. William Lee Crist about 1805 , b. 18 Jan 1770, d. 1840.  Jane a widow, age 53 is found on the 1840 Census of Lewis Twp., Clay Co., Indiana with 5 children, 1 girl (20-30), 2 girls (15-20) and two boys(10-15). Both William Lee and Melinda Jane are reported to be buried at Friendly Grove, Clay Co., Indiana.

6.      Thompson Hay Biggs, b. Bet. 1780-1790.  I did find two records for him. One was an 1830 Census record of a Thompson Hay Biggs between ages 40 and 50 in Lawrence, Indiana, near Indianapolis. The other was a US General Land Office record of a Thompson H. Biggs paying cash for acreage in Lawrence Co. at the land office located at Vincennes, Indiana on 18 Mar 1837.  Nothing further

7.     Louisa Biggs,  b. 25 Apr 1787, Tenn.  Twin died young?

8.    ELIZABETH BIGGS, b. 18 Jan 1789, Tenn., d. 08 Feb 1857. m.  hEnRY pHILIP cRIST, b. 16 Jan 1789 in Kentucky. On 1850 census , Elizabeth and Henry are found in Lewis Twp., Clay Co., Indiana.

9.     MARY BIGGS, B. 1790?, m. George Wellman  (I could find no evidence of this DAR reported marriage)

10.    NANCY BIGGS, b. 12 Sep 1791 probably in Tennessee; d.  She is not recorded with Nicholas on either the 1850 or 1860 Clay Co., Ind. census so I am assuming she has died.  She married. Nicholas George Crist on 7 Dec 1809.  He was born 9 Feb 1790 in KY.  They have 10 children the last being born possibly in 1832.

11.    JOSEPH BIGGS, b. Apr 10, 1793 in Tennessee, m. Martha Meals. On the 1850 Monroe, Clark Co Census, I found a widower named Joseph Biggs, age 57, living with 4 children still at home.  He is recorded as a merchant.

12.    SAMUEL BIGGS, b. 27 Jun 1795 in Tennessee, m. Rachel Beezley or Beasley, b. Indiana 1798. They are recorded on the York Twp., Clay Co., Illinois 1850 and 1860 census. 

13.   ABNER BIGGS, a farmer, b. 17 Apr 1798, Clark Co., Ind.; d. Dec 1872, Henryville, Clark Co., Ind., m. Emily Miller (his cousin by his Uncle Joseph Miller?) on 2 Jul 1821 in Clark Co.  She was born 6 Feb 1802 in Clark Co., Ind. They are recorded on 1850, 1860 and 1870 Monroe Twp., Clark Co., Indiana census records. They have possibly 11 children (1850 census). Other sources report that they had 15 children.

14.    HANNAH BIGGSb. 25 Oct 1799,  d. 11 Sep 1837.  Hannah marries a man named Robert Cairns on 10 Feb 1818. All three life events occur in Clark Co. Indiana. Could this man be her cousin, the son of  Mary and John Cairns, Mary being the sister of Jane Miller Biggs?  See Mary Miller just below.  

v.    MARY MILLER, b. Abt. 1757, Big Cove, Fulton Co., PA; m. JOHN CAIRNS. Their names are signed on the petition to the county court of Feb.1,1791 requesting the final disposition of Robert Miller's land.  See here for practically certain information about the family of Mary and John Cairns.

vi.    JOSEPH MILLER, b. Abt. 1758, Big Cove, Fulton Co., PA. Appears to have to have moved to Monroe Twp., Clark Co., Indiana.  He is shown at age 62 on an 1820 Federal Census of that county living next door to Robert Biggs, who is married to his older sister, Jane Miller Biggs. On that same1820 census there is a female living in his household less than 45 year old. On the 1830 census I could no longer find a Joseph Miller household in that same area. There is a household headed by a Hannah Miller, aged between age 50 and 60, living with 6 other younger persons living In the same Twp. and County.  I  believe that Hannah is this Joseph Miller's wife.  Other sources say that a Joseph Miller died in 1832 in Monroe Twp., Clark Co., IND. He is named on the petition of Feb.1,1791 requesting the final disposition of Robert Miller's land from the County court. 

vii.     Rachel Miller, b. abt. 1860, Big Cove, Fulton Co., PA.  Married John Leggat. Their names are signed on the petition to the county court of Feb.1,1791 requesting the final disposition of Robert Miller's land.  I could find no further  definitive information about the Leggats except on an 1820 census taken in Beaufort Co., North Carolina. Recorded there is a John Leggat family living among other Leggat families and the John Leggat household has 1 male and 1 female family member whose age brackets correspond with John an Rachel.  Further research is needed.

viii.    REBECCA MILLER, b. 19 May 1764, Big Cove, Fulton Co., PA; d. 1854, Okolona, Jefferson Co., KY. She married JOSEPH Hamilton GAILBRAITH (also spelled Gailbreath) in 1787 Westmorland Co., PA..  He was born abt. 1752, and died 1832 in  Jefferson, Kentucky. They are named on the petition of Feb.1, 1791 requesting the final disposition of Robert Miller's land from the Westmorland County Court. They are buried at Ferring Cemetery in Jefferson Co., KY.

          Learn more here about the Gailbraith/Gailbreaths and see some photos.


1.    WILLIAM Seth GAILBRAITH. b. 26 Jun 1789 Westmoreland Co., PA, d. 1 Sep 1834 Jackson Co., Tenn. m. Isabel Hutchison, had

       nine children.

2     ROBERT GAILBRAITH, b. 1791 Westmoreland Co., PA, d. 1832, Okolona, Jefferson Co., KY.

3.     ALEXANDER  H. GAILBRAITH, b. 1795, Westmoreland Co., PA

4.     NANCY GAILBRAITH, b. abt.1798, Westmoreland Co., PA

5.     GEORGE L. GAILBRAITH, b. 28 Feb 1801, Crossroads Precinct. Jefferson Co., Kentucky; d. 27 Jan 1879, Okolona,

       Jefferson, KY, buried at Ferring Cemetery in Jefferson Co., KY.

6.     REBECCA GAILBRAITH b. abt. 1803, Jefferson Co., Kentucky

7.     MARY GAILBRAITH. b. abt. 1805, Jefferson Co., Kentucky

8.    SARAH GAILBRAITH, b. abt. 1812, Jefferson Co., Kentucky

9.    ELEANOR GAILBRAITH, b. abt. 1813, Jefferson Co., Kentucky


ix ELIZABETH MILLER, b. Jun 1765, Big Cove, Fulton Co., PA;  m. ADAM HUFFMAN.  They are named on the petition of Feb. 1, 1791 requesting the final disposition of Robert Miller's land from the County court.  I could not find any further definitive information about this family.

x.   SARAH MILLER, b. Abt. 1768, Big Cove, Fulton Co., PA; and died in Missouri.  She married JAMES HAVENS 04 May 1790 in Virginia ?.  He was born Abt. 1770, and died before 1850 in Newton Co., Missouri.  They are named on the petition of Feb.1, 1791 requesting the final disposition of Robert Miller's land from the Westmoreland County Court.  On the 1850 Census of Benton Twp., Newton Co., Missouri we find Sarah Havens, age 80, living with her daughter, Charlotte Havens Smith, age 49, and her 5 children (ages 7-18).


Children of SARAH MILLER and JAMES HAVENS are:

1.    MARY HENDERSON HAVENS, b. Abt. 1791, Jefferson Co. Tennessee; d. 1860,Tennessee; m. DAVID HAMILTON, 1810, Greene

       Co., Tennessee.   

2     THOMAS HAVENS, b. 07 Mar 1793, Jefferson Co. Tennessee; m. ABIGAIL PURDON, 1813, Tennessee.

3.     CYNTHIA HAVENS, b. Abt. 1795, Jefferson Co. Tennessee; m. THOMAS TOLBERT.

4.     RACHEL HAVENS, b. Abt. 1797, Jefferson Co. Tennessee; m. OLIVER BOLIVER.

5.     CHARLOTTE HAVENS, b. Abt. 1800, Jefferson Co. Tennessee; d. May 1884, Newton Co., MO; m. DAVID SMITH, 24 April 1829,         Moulton, Laurence Co. Alabama.

6.     JOHN HAVENS, b. Abt. 1803, Jefferson Co. Tennessee.

7.     LOUVINIA HAVENS, b. Abt. 1806, Jefferson Co. Tennessee; m. JOHN SHERFIELD/SHUFIELD, 1838, Mississippi.       

8.     ANN HAVENS, b. 1808, Jefferson Co. Tennessee; m. WILLIAM JOHNSON.

Finally, in February 1791 the family of Isaac Robert Miller II appeals to the Westmoreland County court to hold an inquest and "make partition" of the "Plantation and tract of Lands situate in Huntington Township an if the same can be divided to and and among the Widow and Children without injury to and spoiling of the whole and if it cannot be so divided then to value and appraise the same in order that the said Widow and Children may be paid their respective shares according to Law." On November 6, 1792, another "Orphan's Court" convenes at Greensburg, the new Westmoreland County seat.  A former court had ordered that the land belonging to their father was to be resurveyed and appraised for its value.  The amount of land was determined to be 347¼ acres and worth £1.7.6 per acre.


Isaac was instructed by the court to pay his widowed mother and each of his 9 brothers and sisters (the sisters are now all married) a fair sum of money plus interest before he could take full and "sole" possession of that land. Agnes, the widowed mother is apportioned 1/3 of the total appraised value to be further portioned and paid out (at £9.11) on a yearly basis "during her natural life".  Upon her death the court ordered that what remained of her 1/3 portion was to be divided equally among the children. After Agnes's portion, the remaining two thirds was to be divided equally among all 10 children, and spouses.   Isaac died in the last year of the 18th century, only seven years later. (In the list below of Isaac and Susanna's children are notations added from Robert Phillips research in maroon.)


1. SUSANNAH THOMAS MILLER, was born Abt. 1820 in Newlonsburg, PA., and died 29 Oct 1909 in Pittsburg, PA. She married Dr. JAMES HENDERSON DUFF 1848.  He was born 06 Aug 1824 in Westmoreland Co. PA, and died 22 Dec 1884 in Pittsburg, PA. (See photos of this Susannah and the Duff family here

Children of SUSANNA THOMAS MILLER and JAMES DUFF are: (Information in red contributed by Robert Phillips) 

1.   JOHN MILTON DUFF, b. 16 Oct 1849, Newlonsburg, PA; d. 29 Oct 1909, Pittsburg, PA; m. ELIZA JANE KIRK on 7 Nov 1878 in Pittsburg.

2.   MARY ANN DUFF, b. Abt. 1850, Newlonsburg, PA; d. Died as Child, PA.

3.   JOSEPH MILLER DUFF, b. 14 Jan 1854, Newlonsburg, PA; d. 09 Sep 1941, PA.

4.   ANNA MARY DUFF, b. 1855 Export, PA; d. in childbirth 03 Feb 1883, PA, m. Rev. J.C. Ely on 20 Apr 1882 in Pittsburg.

5.   ALBERT JAMES DUFF, b. 1858 in Export. PA; became Presbyterian minister, d. 16  Oct 1886 in Denver, CO. while recuperating from failing heath.

6.   ALFRED WILLIAM DUFF, b. 1860, Export, PA; d. 18 May 1925, PA. 7.

7.   SUE Templeton DUFF, b. 1866, Westmoreland Co. PA; d. 18 Oct 1954, PA.

7.   BENJAMIN MILLER, TWIN OF JOSEPH, b. 14 Feb 1788, Sewickley Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA. He was a farmer and remained in the Sewickley area. He married Ann Pert, and they were members of the Associate Reformed or United Presbyterian Church. He died 5 January 1839. (contributed by Robert Phillips)
8.  ANN MILLER, She was born around 1789 and died when she was young prior to 1813 (contributed by Robert Phillips)         
9 DEBORAH MILLER, She was born around 1791 and married Jacob Spenser.  They made their home in Wayne Co. Ohio, and she died in Fredericksburg, OH on 5 September1862, the same day as her brother Joseph.   (contributed by Robert Phillips)

To view Silas Miller and the next 3-5 Miller Generations, Click here

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 Continuing the Children of Isaac ROBERT MILLER Jr. and AGNES


ii.      SILAS MILLER (2nd son of Isaac Robert Miller2), b. 1752, New Jersey; d. 1831, Butler County, Pennsylvania.  Silas is our direct line ancestor.  See this page for more information about him, his wife and and their descendants.  He is named on the petition of Feb.1, 1791 requesting the final disposition of Robert Miller's land from the County court. 

iii.     WILLIAM MILLER, b. Abt. 1753, Big Cove, Fulton Co., PA. He was not found in Westmoreland Co. in 1791 and may have moved to another state. He is named on the petition of Feb.1,1791 requesting the final disposition of Robert Miller's land from the County court. I have been unable to pinpoint any other information about William.

iv.     JANE (JEAN) MILLER, b. Abt. 1755, Big Cove, Fulton Co., PA; d. 1 Apr 1839, Henryville, Clark Co., Indiana. Jane/Jean married ROBERT A. BIGGS 1778 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.  He was born 1752 in Erins Isle, Ireland, immigrated to Baltimore, MD in 1764 and died 09 Nov 1831 (age 79) in Monroe Twp., Clark Co., Indiana.  Robert Biggs also served in the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment during the Revolutionary War.  He enlisted in Aug 1876 and served for 18 months, Robert and Jane Miller Biggs moved to Kentucky in 1793, lived there a year and moved to Clark Co. Indiana.  They are buried in a small private cemetery in Indiana not far from Louisville, KY.  They are named on the petition of Feb.1, 1791 requesting the final disposition of Robert Miller's land from the County court.  On the 1830 US Census, both Robert and Jane are shown living with their son Abner Biggs in Charlestown, Clark Co., Indiana,  See here their grave stones

Children of ISSAC C. (Carswell) MILLER (cont. from above) and his second wife, SUSANNAH THOMAS are:          

3.        AMOS (EMAS) MILLER, b. 1784, Westmoreland Co., PA; d. According to court papers he must have died about 1815 without any children in Westmoreland  Co., PA. (contributed by Robert Phillips),

4.        WILLIAM MILLER, b. 01 Feb 1785, Westmoreland Co., PA; William apparently leased his property since he was listed as a landlord.  He volunteered for service in May 1812 in South Huntington Township just before the war with Great Brittan.  He married Mary Markle/Marklin, daughter of Casper Marklin.  Their granddaughter married into the Duff family.  William Miller died on 2 September 1869, “aged 84 years, 7 months and 1 day.” (contributed by Robert Phillips)

5.         SAMUEL MILLER, b. 05 May 1786. He is also identified as a landlord.  He too joined the same military unit as did his brother William.  He married Margaret Milligan, and they removed to Ohio in 1819.  He died there on 18 December 1862. (contributed by Robert Phillips)

6         JOSEPH MILLER, Twin of Benjamin. b. 14 Feb 1788, Sewickley Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA; d. 05 Sep 1862, Westmoreland Co., PA.  He married MARY " POLLY" NEWLON 1817 in Sewickley Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA.  She was born 09  Feb 1789 in Westmoreland Co., PA, and died 11 May 1880 in Westmoreland Co., PA.  Joseph and Benjamin were eleven years old when their father, Isaac Miller died.  It is noted in one of the histories of Westmoreland County that he lived with the Marklin/Markle family as a boy.  It is possible that he may have worked with them as an apprentice.  The Markle family was close to the Miller family since William Miller married one of the daughters.  The Markle family operated both grist and saw mills, and Joseph may have learned the miller trade from them. (R.P.) The Marklin family was not only close to the Miller family, they were neighbors just across the Big Sewickley Creek to the south of the Miller land.  It is interesting to note that Casper Marklin (Gaspard Marklien) purchased his land from a Gideon Miller with the mill already in tact on the property.