I am judging that his photo was taken about 1912 before Ronald was born. Also, Alton looks to be about 5 and Lee, my Dad, looks about 9. The children look well dressed

L - R 

Standing are: Lee, Joyce, Glen and Lyle Seated are:  Alton and Dale.















When I found this next picture among my Mother's mementos and photos after she died, it was in a pretty deteriorated condition.  Plus it had many scuffs, scratches, age spots, water damage and etc.  Still it was a photo worth saving so I have restored it some. Fortunately, all the faces except Lyle's, were in good shape.  This photo was taken after the death of their mother, Besse.  Judging from the age that Ronald looks (about 3 or 4), I'd say about 1917.  The children look fit and pretty well dressed but there is a tell-tale sign.....Lyle has a couple of holes in his pants below the right knee.   Joyce is missing from this photo.  I believe that she had her picture taken separately as she was 18.  The picture I am speaking of is on this page with other photos of Joyce and it found was in the same state of deterioration as this photo. 

  L - R are:  Lyle, Dale, Alton, Ronald, Lee and Glen



The photo on the left must have been taken in the 1930s before Joyce dies.  Alton Looks very young. (It may have been the occasion of Ronald's marriage to Gladys Israelson in Dec. 1938.) It's too bad that the photographer cut off the edges but not an unusual occurrence with home-used cameras in those days. L-R are; Glen, Alton, Lee, Joyce, Dale, Lyle and Ronald.















The photo below ▼is dated 1963.  All the Miller boys are now wearing "specs".  Of course,  Joyce  has "passed on" and Ronald is not present.  He may not have been able to make it to this get-together at the home of Glen and Myrtle as Washington state was where he lived, and is a long ways from Nebraska.  Ronald died in 1963 but we do not know the specific date. So that may be the reason for his absence. L-R are: Glen, Lyle, Lee, Alton and Dale










The photo below was taken in 1974 on the occasion of my parents 50th wedding anniversary celebrated at the Memorial Presbyterian Church basement fellowship hall in Cherokee, Iowa.  Brother Glen had died the year before and brother Lyle is absent for unknown reasons.  In Glen's stead were his two sons, Gerald and Don.  My father always enjoyed their company and was delighted to pose with them and his brothers Alton and Dale. My father, normally a somber dresser in business clothes, for some reason chose this weird combination of attire to celebrate the day.  Everyone commented then and the same thing happens today when people see this photo.

                                 ▼  L - R : Alton, Gerald miller, Lee, Dale and Don miller.






































Nine years (1982) later the Miller boys decide to gather in Bethany, Oklahoma at the home of Alton and June.  Dad is dressed in his retiree's "Texican" attire but still has a pen and pencil holder in his left shirt pocket.   These next two photos were taken upon that occasion.  Apparently Glen's daughter Sally and her husband, Bart, are attendees who have accompanied her mother Myrtle to the reunion.  Bart is in the back row of the second picture.  Sally may be the photographer.

 L-R : Lyle, Alton and Lee


Another photo taken in Bethany, Oklahoma. L -R: Lyle; Bart Bredenkamp, Myrtle (Glen's widow), Alton, Maybelle (my mother), and Lee.

I have another Miller Bros. reunion photo in my collection.  You can see it on Alton Miller's Page.


I am sure there are others out there.  If you find any you would like to share, please let me know at miller.malcom.ft@gmail.com