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This section of the web site is dedicated to the Taft branch of the Family Tree.   When my sisters and I were growing up we were told that somewhere in our heritage we were related to President William Howard Taft.   I have not been able to substantiate this claim even though we definitely have "Tafts" in our background.  Also, I haven't had time to research the connection thoroughly.  What I have found is that our family comes from the Matthew Taft linage and William Howard Taft comes from the Robert Taft branch of the Taft family. 

Click here to view the Matthew Taft family genealogy report including photos, history, stories and facts.  I am sorry that I have no photos of Tafts in person except for two photos of Sophia Matilda Taft which I show on this page on the Lake Pages.

Robert Taft was William Howard Taft's great great great grandfather.  Robert Taft was born about 1640 in Ireland and died in Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts on February 8, 1725.  He married Sarah (last name unknown) in 1671 and she was born about 1640 also. 

The letter found here( letter ) is part of a letter concerning Matthew Taft's emigration to America in 1726.  It was written by Dr. David Long in 1851 whose grandmother, Mary Taft (a daughter of Matthew Taft) married his grandfather, John Long, Jr.  Although the names of the Matthew Taft children do correspond with the names on my genealogy report above, the birthdates and places of birth of the Taft family do not.  I cannot explain that.  However, the letter is historically interesting just the same.

The Taft family genealogy is well documented and substantial.  You can find out more Taft history by going to this website at:


 This is a very nice web site, provides a lot of information and is easy to use.  In the search block, type in Matthew Taft or other Taft names. 

If you should find any mistakes in what I have presented here, I would be happy to hear from you.  Also, if you have further information or photos to share concerning the Tafts, I would be glad to add it to these pages.  You can contact me at the following g-mail address:                 miller.malcom.ft@gmail.com.





The Taft Family